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National Wave

Of 24-7 Prayer


You're invited into this nation-wide 24-7 campaign catalyzing wildly engaging unceasing prayer in 2021. 

Praying 24-7 / 365 Throughout 2020


We'll help you get started & keep going, & when you're done, the baton of prayer will be passed to the next group that has signed on to pray. On an interactive map you'll be able to see where you & others are praying all across the USA at any given time.


24-7 Prayer Rooms help people learn to pray by praying. Any space can be turned into a prayer room - a place for your community to join together to seek God’s face; to pray every hour for a set period of time.


We offer support that will equip you to run a prayer room where you are for the amount of days you commit to. Start by registering your prayer room for specific downloadable resources that will help from start to finish. 

Collectively Praying Non-Stop All Across America In 2020


In Churches, schools, homes, prisons, campuses, tents & festivals all over the nation, hundreds of people are currently encountering Jesus in prayer.

Join Us In This Year Of Unbroken Prayer

Experience what the 24-7 Prayer movement is best known for & why. Choose your dates, register, set up an engaging prayer room, & dive into a shared season of night & day prayer with your church, small group, friends, other students, colleagues, or neighbors. Praying about what matters to you, your city & the nation, you'll be linking in with countless others doing the same all across America to saturate it in Christ-centered mission-minded prayer. 

No great spiritual awakening has begun anywhere in the world apart from united prayer.  - J. Orr

Join this nation-wide

wave of  nonstop prayer.

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Both links above will take you to the 24-7 Prayer international website for info, resources, & a way to register.