Prayer Activists inspire people to pray. They volunteer their time & talents to help the prayer movement grow locally.  

Prayer Activists have access to some behind-the-scenes prayer leader  resources & are a connected part of the network of friendships in the 24-7 Prayer movement in America & around the world.

There is no fixed time commitment.

24-7 Prayer Activists can't keep 24-7 Prayer to themselves. They want to help spread the vision. 


They aren’t always leaders; most are ordinary people who are passionate about prayer & want to help the prayer movement spread. 


24-7 Prayer recognizes, supports, resources, & encourages them in this role, & networks them together in their hometowns & across the nation.

24-7 Prayer Activist:

  • Follow us on Social media.

  • Share 24-7 news & resources with your friends.

  • Champion prayer in your community. 

  • Stay in touch with the 24-7 Team in your area.


Apply For The Role Here:


City Coordinators

Got leadership chops & want to dock into the movement in an official capacity? 


Join 24-7 in this leadership role introducing 24-7 Prayer & its resources as a 24-7 Prayer Coordinator for your city.  Champion & mobilize prayer & prayer rooms, help roll out prayer initiatives,  & partner prayer, mission & justice locally. Develop healthy relationships with other local prayer works,  & network to help spread the virus of 24-7 Prayer throughout your city's faith communities. 

State Coordinators

Serve as the state 24-7 Prayer point-person helping 24-7 mobilize prayer all across your state. 


Help 24-7 partner with what God is doing on the prayer-front in your state, represent 24-7 at events in your state, identify potential City Coordinators in your state's metro-cities and steward supportive friendships among existing City Coordinators state-wide. 

All Coordinators Roles

Each of these new Coordinator roles are a way to serve in the 24-7 Prayer movement in a clear & strategic way. They're designed to be missional, flexible, & tailored to each leader's unique passions & strengths. Leadership graces, passion, & capacity to be in this role in a committed & responsible way are essential. If you're interested, hit the button below & we'll give you the details & get you into the discernment process to see if it's a good fit.