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From: 24-7 USA Leadership Team in concert with our 24-7 Global Leaders 

To:  All 24-7 USA Leaders, Teams, & the global family of 24-7


Dear 24-7 Family, 


We're calling for 3 days of fasting & prayer for the US, Jan 18th - 20th


We have been in a robust dialogue with our global leaders, trusted prophetic voices, & our national team here in the USA, & have a sense of imminent urgency to rally prayer during the transition of power from the Trump to Biden presidency. 


This is in some ways quite obvious already from the troubling events on January 6th & the subsequent vitriolic volume in the public forums of our social & political platforms. We have been sharing some of our holy hunches & prophetic insights via a 24-7 Global Prophetic WhatsApp Group. If you’re interested in this dialogue, click the link to view a doc with selected quotes from a thread on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021. 


We trust your hearts, your good & loving dispositions, & your maturity to hold these issues we are facing with humility, grace & meekness. However, there is an unction, a spirit of unusual grace, that is of the Holy Spirit, that will be necessary to carry this burden with sustained peace. We pray that this internal call to fasting & prayer will be transformative for you as you are held in the presence of God.



Here Are Some Themes We’re Inviting Everyone To Pray Into


 I Timothy 2:1-2 – I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession & thanksgiving be made for all people- for kings & all those in authority... that we may live peaceful & quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.


  • Pray for God to help the nation’s leaders govern in ways that don’t incite war, unnecessarily instigate turmoil, or lead to establishing enormous hurdles for the Church in carrying out its expressions of faith, personally & missionally.


  • May God calm tempers & ease tensions in the wake of last week's insurrection & resulting deaths, & this week’s impeachment & impending threats.


  • Pray for God’s mercy & peace over all our cities - That any planned violence in state capitals across the nation would be thwarted, & the national guard, law enforcement, & other related agencies would uncover & impede any plots to invade, steal or destroy property, lives, & liberties there.   


  • Pray that hostile leaders of other nations would not seek to, or not be successful in taking advantage of the current vulnerabilities in our nation by advancing physical, viral, or technological attacks against the United States.


Proverbs 11:14 – For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers.


  • Ask the Lord to guide the hearts of our nation’s leaders to align with His aims & objectives for the USA in this critical season & beyond. 


  • Pray that the Spirit of wisdom & understanding, knowledge, counsel & might would express itself through all kinds of people throughout all sectors of our society, helping us work toward justice, fairness, compassion, racial equity, & expressions of human dignity in all our governance, institutions, systems, marketplace & social arenas.  



Ephesians 6:12 –  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


  • May God awaken us to take our place in prevailing prayer as we confront & rebuke the spirit of strong delusion released in the nation, & contend in prayer for the freedom of those still in its grip. 


  • Pray especially for political & spiritual leaders to come out from under the influence of this wicked assignment strategically designed to divide & weaken the nation & the Church in it.  Pray these leaders subsequently acknowledge & seek to repair any damage their words & actions may have caused. 


  • Invite God to take what was meant for evil during this poignant juncture in our country, &, instead, make it work in favor of His own redemptive purposes - So that this, one of our darkest hours, might become the nation’s & the Church’s defining moment, serving as a catalyst for needful transformation & true reforms.


II Chronicles 7:14  – If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves & pray & seek my face & turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, & I will forgive their sin & will heal their land.


  • Cry out for a spirit of humility to pervade the Church in the US. 


  • Pray that God would help us turn away from the barrage of distractions & intently seek His face in a secret place in this pivotal time. 


  • Pray for a movement of repentance to wash across the body of Christ here - Resulting in rejection of nationalism-idolatry, sectarianism, combativeness & divisiveness - And enabling us to walk in Christlikeness with our words, actions, attitudes, & pursuits.


  • Intercede for our American brothers & sisters to surrender to God any hatred, resentments, bitterness or offenses toward one another. Pray that the love of God & a spirit of reconciliation would invade our hearts in ways that can withstand our brokenness, differences, & even the devices of the enemy.  


  • Join us in praying that we would reclaim our identity in Christ, & as citizens of heaven embrace the pruning & purifying intentions of God for this moment in history, & look to Him for the healing & strengthening of this nation we love.




















Here are additional prayer guides developed by trusted friends that can be utilized over the 18th-20th. 


  • Pray on MLK - MLK Jr. Day prayer event organized by our friends at Civil Righteousness *Civil Righteousness will be also hosting an online broadcast on the evening of the 18th. Sign up to make sure you don’t miss out HERE



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