A Call To Prayer


Due to the spread of the Coronavirus & the extraordinary measures being taken in an attempt to address it, the United States is now in a unique time in its history. Together we're experiencing a social climate that's pregnant with speculation, fear, & remarkable potential.  As members of the body of Christ, our primary response to these unusual conditions is the same as it has been since the birth of the Church.  Prayer.  

To help the Church in America take her place in rising to meet these challenges, we're mobilizing a call to prayer.


This is a nation-wide call to unite & seek God's intervention in the lives of all those impacted by this virus, to invite God's involvement in how this unique season unfolds across America & is leveraged for His kingdom, & to contend for God's awakening in the hearts of followers of Christ in this unprecedented time.

The Call To Prayer

March 16th - April 12th


Sign up as a church, group, family

or as an individual.

These Christ-centered prayers thwarting plans of the enemy, stilling storms in souls, & igniting renewal in hearts, are the same prayers that will conceive selfless acts of service, missional ministry, & moves of God's power on full display. 



Put Your fistS 

together & pray



Renee Boucher / Portland-based

National & Regional 24-7 Prayer Leader 

Calling the West Coast Region to unite in prayer, including the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, California & Rocky Mountain cities & states.



Tim Collier / Grand Rapids-based

National & Regional 24-7 Prayer Leader

Calling the Midwest Region to unite in prayer, including all the Great Lakes, North West & Mid-West cities & states.



Lisa Koons / Charlotte-based

National & Regional 24-7 Prayer Leader

Calling the East Coast Region to prayer, including all of the South & North East cities & states.

"To clasp the hands in prayer

is an uprising against

the disorder of the world"

Join in via the 24-7 Virtual Prayer Room Calendar. Choose a time-slot marking your commitment to pray a little or a lot during that time-frame, wherever you're at.  

Praying Is The Thing.

  • Choose time-slots on as many days as you plan to join in on this national initiative. In the NAME box on the calendar, simply type your name, church or group's name (if applicable), & your city/state. Right afterward, you'll get sent some easy-to-engage prayer & practical action resources.

Pop-Up Prayer Gatherings

24-7 Prayer leaders from across the US are also hosting online prayer gatherings that anyone can pop in on anytime they're happening. 


  • Look for a blue box on the calendar with a (copy & paste) link to join in by Zoom at the listed times.  Drop-in when you want. Hop-off when you need to.