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Presence as prayer. Prayer as activism. Prayer as warfare. 

Prayer as holy legislation. Prayer as the game-changer. 

It's the perfect season for local churches to take to the streets in prayer. To pray in plain sight, bringing presence, peace, light & the resources of heaven into your city's issues & onto the same city streets that have been claimed by unrest & upheaval. The presence of the collective church gathered has the ability to impact the spiritual climate, the trajectory, narrative, & ultimate outcome of the current outcry for the setting right of so many long undressed issues of injustice.

Below are ways to help your church hit the streets in prayer. Choose the right one for your unique faith community, then sign up resources to help you pull it off well.


Take To The Streets

Tailor your justice prayer themes using resources on our Mission & Justice page.

Need More Help?

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  • Prep work: Church engagement.

  • Stay legal: Laws & permits.

  • Stay safe: The essentials.

  • Prayer Installation practicals

  • Going Viral: TV & social media engagement.