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Presence as prayer. Prayer as activism. Prayer as warfare. 

Prayer as holy legislation. Prayer as the game-changer. 

It's the perfect season for local churches to take to the streets in prayer. To pray in plain sight, bringing presence, peace, light & the resources of heaven into your city's issues & onto the same city streets that have been claimed by unrest & upheaval. The presence of the collective church gathered has the ability to impact the spiritual climate, the trajectory, narrative, & ultimate outcome of the current outcry for the setting right of so many long undressed issues of injustice.

Below are ways to help your church hit the streets in prayer. Choose the right one for your unique faith community, then sign up resources to help you pull it off well.



    In Our City As In Heaven

    Organize your church to meet for a prayer walk through downtown main streets to pray for unity, reconciliation & just transformations, while holding up signs of faith, peace & hope for the good of the city.  Breaking into song is encouraged. 


    Praying At Protests

    Attend a peaceful day-time protest held by a local justice-oriented group with a good reputation. Prayer walk in positions in front & behind their protest. Sing hymns & pray for the protestors, for the peace of the protest, & for the holy causes of  justice.


    Lining & Signing

    Organize your church to gather in one long single-file line, 6ft apart, on sidewalks facing your city's main street on one of its busiest times to stand praying for & holding signs of hope, equality, & reconciliation. 


    Presence Matters

    Organize your church to gather in one long single-file line, 6ft apart, on  sidewalks in front of your city's main street on one of it's busiest times to kneel & pray for issues of equity,


    Praying Over The City

    Meet together on the top deck of a parking garage that overlooks the city. Pace the deck praying for justice issues specific to your city, stopping every 5 minutes for the Pastor to read aloud God's promises from scripture over the city. 


    Divide & Conquer

    Choose several downtown locations representing where  educational, economic, housing, criminal justice & legislative forms of inequity occur.  Divide into groups each praying at one of the chosen  spots. Afterward, gather to pray & wrap it up reciting the justice version of the Lord's Prayer .


    Candlelight Prayerwalk

    Gather at dusk with lit candles & slowly stroll downtown streets or streets with a skyline view to decree 'Thy kingdom come' over your city's most common injustice issues & trouble hot-spots & to pray bold for salvation, reconcilition, & revival.


    Seven Times Around

    Gather in front of your city's court & judicial epicenter. In a long row of two by two, walk around it's square block six times while praying quietly. On the seventh time around, with volume, & in unison, sing or shout out praises to God.


    Praying The Precincts

    Gather at a local police precinct as  a show of support & to pray for police officer's souls, families,  safety, good judgment, & effective systems of accountability. Also offer to bless & pray personally for willing officers.


    Art As Prayer

    Almost all of the prayer-walking models on this page are suited  for kids & youth to bring along chalk & fill the streets with drawings, scriptures, & inspirational phrases. But for a  specific youth chalk-walk, pick a gov't building sidewalk.


    Public Prayer Station

    A prayer installation meant for whoever walks by: Tie a few long strings between sidewalk poles or trees, add a clip of paper or fabric squares, markers, clips, & a sign inviting people to write & clip their hopes/prayers for the city.  Leave up for a week, then re-hang in your church.


    Public Prayer Station

    A prayer installation meant for whoever walks by: Create a large chalkboard, add "I want our city to be a place where...' or I will stand against racism by... or create your own intro-phrase. Attach. chalk holder & temporarily affix chalkboard to wall in a high walking  area.

Take To The Streets

Tailor your justice prayer themes using resources on our Mission & Justice page.

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