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Core Training Cohort

This Core training allows for informed conversations to take place that deepens our understanding of the distinctives of 24-7 Prayer as a movement of prayer, mission and justice. This is an 18-month journey covering 5 main topics: An intro to leadership development; spiritual transformation, kingdom theology and practice; essentials in church history; and essentials in church practice.  

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Leadership Pathways

A 2 year Leadership Development Pathway that includes Core Training, Leadership Cohort, Mentoring & Guided Practice. The current pathway is focused on church planting and leadership.  New pathways are being developed that include a focus on Houses of Prayer, New Monastic Communities, and other potential work. 

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Antioch Cohort

This course is designed to raise up community leaders. Each term has 5 units including engaging in biblical theology; exploring the early church's theology, exploring historical theology, exploring contemporary & theology as the church continues to work out it's practices; & designing a strategic plan based on biblical & historical implications and applications into your current context.

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24-7 Prayer has established a religious order that calls people to live by a rule of life based on three guiding principles: 1. Be true to Christ; 2. Be kind to others; and 3. Take the gospel to the nations.  To become a member of this order, candidates are led through a year of preparation that includes biblical reflection, book studies, & discussion through a cohort led by current members of the order.


Illuminated Soul

Craig Westhoff, a national 24-7 communities & missions leader,  shares his wisdom to help us live with excellence of soul as we partner with the Holy Spirit. Attend an Illuminated Soul Weekend offered at various times during the year in person or online, listen to Craig’s podcast, or engage in deeper conversations and education through his Patreon page.

Selah Leadership Groups

These groups are designed to connect women in leadership around the world. We have discovered the immense value of convening women who share similar lifestyles, pouring themselves out in service to Christ, yet come from of various cultures and contexts. As like-minded and like-hearted women come together, the inspiration and expansion for our hearts is inevitable. 

Life Transformation School

LTS is a two-week intensive environment giving individuals the tools to move into freedom of forgiveness, the ability to align relationally with others through humility & honor, & to receive the authority & position given through Christ. Each participant is involved in a small discussion group and has the opportunity to receive personal prayer. The four significant questions explored in this school are: Who is God; What has God done; Who are we; and How are we to live. 

Catto Graham

Ninefold Learning Path

An experiential journey through the ancient wisdom of the beatitudes. The Learning Lab invites participants to explore how the way of the Beatitudes can revolutionize our lives, communities and even the world. It is an active, practice-based learning environment where participation is invited and expected. Groups can hire experienced leaders as guides through the nine beats, or purchase a group guide and notebook for community exploration.


Coaching Network

Alan has long been a friend of 24-7 Prayer, first as a pastor in Ireland and now in the USA as he leads the Anaheim Vineyard. Alan offers a variety of coaching networks, live webinars, and other teaching materials. Recent teachings have included “Rebuilding the Cities” and “5 Voices of Destiny needed in a Crisis.” Keep up to date with what is available by following his website.

Alan Scott