In times of overwhelming polarization around opposing viewpoints, our capacity to bear the image of Christ in the context of communication is tested.  Often, the first casualty in such issue-driven climates is loving & listening to each other. When our interactions largely become reactions at one another, to truly listen becomes the only loving way forward & the only road back to unity amidst diversity.

Listening is an

act of Courage.


Recognizing it as the revolutionary act of the citizens of a revolutionary kingdom, it's time for us to learn the lost art of listening. On this page you'll find resources of all kinds to help you do that well.

Hearing is: Accidental. Involuntary. Effortless

Listening is: Focused. Voluntary. Intentional.


Understand this, dear brothers and sisters: You must all be

quick to listen, slow to speak, & slow to get angry. James 1:19 

"The purposes of a person's heart is as deep waters, but a person of understanding draws it out.  Fools find no pleasure in understanding, but delight only in expressing their own opinions. To answer before listening is folly & shame." - Proverbs

"The first service that one owes to others in the fellowship consists in listening to them. Just as love to God begins with listening to His Word, so the beginning of love for the brethren is learning to listen to them. - Bonhoeffer


When you need to be heard

by someone who listens well.

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"Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people can't tell the difference. People start to heal the moment they feel genuinely heard."