The 24-7 Prayer movement, uniquely known for our wildly engaging prayer spaces, is putting

Christ-centered, mission-minded prayer back at the heart of communities all over the world.

Now you can be part of it.  Come ride the wave.

5 Steps To Start A Prayer room


Gather friends


Who do you want to pray with? It only takes 24 people to pray an hour a day to fill a week with prayer. The strength of the community; your commitment to God & each other, is even more important than the size of the group, Gather them together, share the vision & get their support.


Pick a week


Most groups find a week of 24-7 Prayer long enough to be a challenge, but short enough to be achievable. Choose how long you want to pray for and when; is there a significant opportunity or a time when the community is available? Give everyone lots of notice and prepare to pray. We can help you get started.


Find a space


Find somewhere that’s safe and accessible 24 hours a day that can fit however many people will pray at once. You don’t want a massive space for one person or a cupboard for ten! People have prayed in churches, tents, caravans, shops, trucks, planes, basements, bedrooms and more.


Get creative


Find a new language for talking with God in a creative 24-7 Prayer Room. When designing your room include inspirational images, verses & suggestions for prayer, as well as materials for art, music, activities & more. The aim is to engage the heart and mind of all ages& personality types in prayer. Get some inspiration with our ‘Encouraging Creative Prayer‘ page & check out our Pintrest board.


Mobilize people


Break the prayer week into hours & ask people to sign up using the online tool or sign-up sheet template you'll receive as part of our free resource-pack after registering. Teach on prayer & remind people to get involved as the week approaches. Check out the ‘Motivating people to pray‘ link to get 10 ideas for filling your sign-up sheet. Then go for it!






 Add your prayer room to our map, receive individual support & downloadable resources.



Find out who is praying

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Answers to the most common prayer room related questions.

Glean More 


Head on over to our new Pinterest page for even more ideas to help you fill your prayer room with themes & stations & things that will help people fill an hour with prayer.