In Old Salem We Prayed

Late morning in the part of town called Old Salem, we stood in the rain in the middle of a Moravian graveyard & prayed. We'd embarked on this Winston Salem road trip to spend time with someone going through the process of becoming a 24-7 Prayer City Coordinator. We converged at a local coffee spot to talk, listen, pray & spend time cultivating friendship. After caffeinating, confessions, a love-fest of mutual blessings & a sense of tribe, we started dreaming together about bringing prayer into unlikely & unreached places in the city. #prayerasmission

An hour later found us in the car, quietly praying, listening for God's reply, & sharing what we'd heard. Then, there we were, out in the rain pacing, standing, & praying on that gravestone dotted field which hosted the bones & the history of the Moravians The Moravians, those radical prayer warriors God used to birth a 100 year long prayer meeting - Those Moravian prayer warriors who became the radical missionaries that God used to birth the modern missions movement.

There amidst the gravestones we prayed & drove stakes in the ground claiming Winston Salem for God. The stakes were just wooden coffee stirrers we'd scribbled words on to use as rag-tag liturgy & as a symbol of joining our prayers with those of the Moravians & all the others saints of Winston Salem from 1753 to 2018 who've uttered "Thy kingdom come" over their town. The symbol & liturgy were simple, but the acts of praying & staking claim were as powerful as the roll of thunder. Afterward, there was nothing left but to party in feast at a local pizza joint, debrief about the past, & talk of the future.