Sacred Space For The
Urban Soul

Permanent prayer rooms are creative, interactive spaces specifically set up for city-wide use.


They're open to the general public in all seasons, and  have been  created to help people engage in heart-impacting conversation with God, and Christ-centered mission-minded prayer for their world.  

These prayer rooms are a fueling station for the city's spiritually thirsty, & a resource to  the city's local churches.

Tick Tock 

Unlike temporary 24-7 prayer rooms, permanent prayer rooms are not open 24 hours a day. But they do need consistent open hours daily or weekly.

Sizing it up

Having a huge space is great, but the prayer room doesn't always have to be big. It does need to be welcoming & engaging in a great big way.

Knock Knock

These spaces can have an open door policy or require individuals or groups to sign up for timeslots, or a mix of both. Accessibility is the thing.

Get some help

Creating city-wide spaces is a team sport. Invite your praying friends & trusted advisors to discern with you about the ifs, whens, & hows.

Everywhere Is Good

24-7 Prayer/USA holds a great call to help instigate the multiplication of 24-7 style Permanent Prayer Rooms in cities all across America, & to resource & support the team & community at the heart of these houses of prayer.  If God is calling you to create sacred space for the city-wide use, let us join you on that journey.


A lot of people ask us if there is a prayer room near where they live.  We're compiling a list of locations for all Permanent Prayer Rooms in the USA. But you can click below to go to our international page & find out if there is 24-7 prayer happening in your area so you can potentially sign up for a timeslot and dive right in.