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Redemption & Resistance


Lift up these arenas.


God stop the burning & destruction. 

Wheat & Tares: Peaceful protests infiltrated by the violent elements. 

Beauty for ashes: In cities especially ruined by destructive protests, God bring beauty from the ruins. Instigate stories of provision for restoration stories of neighbor helping neighbors, shop owners, cause teh city to come together to repair & restore. 


God saves the victim & the villain.

Victim: People of color who have encountered racism.

Villain: Cops. Accountability.   policies. Systems.


End racism in the 7 mountains.


God wake the neutral  complicit.

God send the church / laborers  / desegregate the churches. 

May people  Build a bridge.  Personally involved.

God bring reconciliation? God make us instruments of reconciliation

Imagine what would happen if -would raise a cry to heaven together, asking God to fulfill Jesus' John 17 prayer to make us one. 


Rapid Fire Prayer Learning Sliders: 

Pray for the land thats burning but also praying for the underlying issues that lead to it

Pray short, quick & visceral 1 minute prayers for each slide.


Resistance: Wrestle against principalities & powers. Declare that Racism can not stand. Break our historical agreement with it.  Decree over the nation, your city, your neighborhood. Your church, your family, yourself. Intentional resistance to uproot the evil of racism. 



Enable us to see the reality of racism and free us to challenge and uproot it from our society, our world and ourselves.